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Now their explosive erotically charged romance continues in Because we Belong Ian Noble and Francesca Arno return to reignite the exquisite passions that drew them together, and to finally face the intimate secrets that threatened to separate them for ever.

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When enigmatic billionaire Ian Noble sets his assistant Lin the task of 'taming' his brilliant but half-savage brother Kam Reardon, she eagerly accepts. She's curious about the solitary genius, plus Kam oozes raw sex appeal. Kam avoids intimacy yet never shies away from satisfying his erotic appetites.

But there's something different about Lin - a reserve he's anxious to break. A woman he's eager to take his time with Because You Are Mine Series 5 books in series. Book 1. Add to basket failed. Please try again later. Here is the deal tho, the fact that I really enjoy and look forward to them now means that she won me over. Her stories just get better and better. You might wonder, if I liked it so much, why didn't I gave a higher ra ARC received in exchange for an honest review. You might wonder, if I liked it so much, why didn't I gave a higher rating, right?

Well, I've become quite picky with my reads. I want a rich plot and since this book is super short and sweet there wasn't much story building, as in action, drama, twists and all the good stuff that leaves your mind in high performance. I would say that this is a perfect book for times, when you just need something more simple, fun and enjoyable.

Simple is sometimes the best way to go! What I also really liked about these two characters is that they knew from the start what they wanted, they didn't have any doubts or were wondering what ifs.

Also the epilogue is a nice touch to the whole story. Just leaves you with a warm feeling. All in all, if you have a small time break, then go grab this book! View all 24 comments. This should be the most amazing and awesome book as it's just about perfect. But it was just boring! Everything according to plan again and the sex was just sooo vanilla! I felt more like I was reading "Shielding Lily" by Alexa Riley but without the amazingly sensual sex scenes. I can't give this a great review and I really wanted to, but it was just too blah and meh for me. It was sweet but not much else.

She is mine and he is mine! We love each other and let's do things according to our perfect plan and have it be perfect! Well it was perfect Maybe it's because I just finished reading an action packed amazing story that I feel this way? But I really don't think so. A nice read but not worth a reread for me personally. It's nice that they are both virgins and that they have always loved each other but what would be my compelling reason to read this?

These are just my thoughts, you don't have to agree here but I am just disappointed with the whole thing. It was a short story and that's good but View all 15 comments. Dec 31, Coco. V rated it really liked it.

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Being too a 3,5 stars View 2 comments. Loved this! Two people meant from each other She was mine, and always would be. I can't give this 5 stars just because it was so short. But if it had been longer and a little more story to it with a tiny.. View all 13 comments.

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Nov 13, Erika rated it really liked it Shelves: virgin-hero , not-a-manwhore , novella , heroine-with-traumatic-past , virgin-heroine , safety-gang-safe , protective-hero , perfect-hero-never-wavers , erotica. Usually, the way these storylines go: the hero has sex with others during that time, while the heroine saves her virginity for him. I despise that kind of crap, so I was glad Snow didn't go that route. Based on overall enjoyment of this short novella, I considered rounding down to 3 stars, but I just had to reward the lack of sexist double standards, so rounde 3.

Based on overall enjoyment of this short novella, I considered rounding down to 3 stars, but I just had to reward the lack of sexist double standards, so rounded up! Plus there was a nice sweet element to the story, within the erotica.

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View all 8 comments. Nov 13, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: 1st-person-pov , alpha-male , heros-i-love , virgin-heros , contemporary-romance , safe-for-me , hot-and-steamy , both-mcs-virgins , kindle-unlimited , sweet-romance. Not much of a story and almost zero conflict. I really liked the beginning where they first met as children. It was very touching. A few issues bothered me but nothing terrible.

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Would have been nice to know the hero had a beard a little earlier on. No mention of the h being on the pill until the near end after they had sex. This left me wondering why she had no concerns of getting pregnant. I could have done with the hero's constant use of "Shit Maggie. Definately recommend to those looking for a hot sweet read. View all 20 comments. Feb 08, Deserie williams rated it really liked it. Cute and sweet. Maybe just a tad bit blah at times but I still loved it. Completely safe. Nov 22, Sophia Triad rated it really liked it Shelves: 2contemporary-lovestories.

Sometimes falling in love can be so easy Felix fell in love with Maggie when he was 6 years old and he made a pink heart just for her. He knew she was his.

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They grew up together, went to college together, became flatmates and best friends. What a sweet, old fashioned story! The only problem these two sweethearts have is to admit they are in love with each other. I loved the book! I finished it smiling.

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View all 10 comments. Nov 13, Janie rated it liked it Shelves: favorite-heroes , new-book-boyfriend. This is a short read about best friends Felix and Maggie. They meet at 6 years old and Felix always knew he'd want Maggie by his side. Maggie has a tough home life and Felix is the best part of her life.

This is the story of their friendship becoming what they both always wanted it to be.